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Stalks and Wine

More girls among flowers! Continue reading



Of the flora and the female – drawings of flower nymphs. Continue reading

They Haunt Me Like They’re Real

Here are some characters that appeared in my head without a cause and demanded that they be sketched in my doodlebook. Continue reading


She popped into my mind with tall-stalked tulips and dragonflies and a ribbon in her hair. Is she the first? Continue reading

Happy Late Valentine’s + Hunny and Bunny

Belated Happy Valentine’s! Who’s this Bunny Hunny couple? Why are they a couple? See the finished version of the Bunny Hunny couple. Continue reading

Doodle Page #2 + French Toast, My Way

Another page from my doodlebook, and it comes with my culinarily incorrect and amateur way of preparing French Toast. Continue reading

Doodle Page

My first doodle page featuring chibi me and a What’s In My Bag sketch. Continue reading


My addiction to doodlebooks is irreversible. Doodlebooks are fun and cool versions of the typical diary. What is a doodlebook and why is it fun to keep one? Continue reading

Aziraphale and Crowley

I loved Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, so I made my own interpretation of Aziraphale and Crowley. See the process shots from the sketch to the fully-rendered image. Continue reading

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