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1 is treading and trying.

2 is a first of conflicts.

3 is rose colored glasses.

4 is distance materialized.

5 is for formalities.

6 is a gradual end.

7 is what might have been.

n is for greater things that lie ahead.

o is for plans and priorities.

p is for being better.

q is seeking and waiting.

r is being set right.

The first was this illustration of 4. It felt like it needed a follow through so I made 7. I am quite pleased that they still look similar even if there are a few months between them. =)



About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


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All illustrations, drawings, photos and content are © Klarizza Jose unless otherwise stated. Please do not download, copy, alter, distort, and use without permission. For inquiries please send me an email at klacenklai@gmail.com.
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