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Cotton Candy

Traditional + digital. See post for the full piece. Continue reading


Ingredients [GIF]

What are we baking today? Spot the moving objects! [GIF] Continue reading

Pie Cafe [GIF]

Pies, cakes, tea, and coffee. Spot the moving objects! [GIF] Continue reading

Goddess of the Fields and Meadows

An old watercolor work from 2013. See post for the full image. Continue reading

The Giant Tree

Textures, textures, and more textures! Continue reading


Last Saturday afternoon I decided to watch Cloud Atlas. Continue reading

Water Claire

A fanart and SAI practice for Lois Lowry’s character Claire. See the rough finished image (and a very brief book review) after the cut. Continue reading

K and Cactus [GIF]

If I were a plant I’d love to be a cactus. Continue reading


It started with 4 and stopped at 6. Here is 7 to commemorate what might have been. Continue reading

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