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I’ve been a fan of Daenerys Targaryen ever since I started reading GRR Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire saga last year (part of the late bandwagon, I know) – something about her just scares and draws me, and the fact that she’s written as queen-in-the-making in detail makes her intriguing.

Being a fan, I of course drew fanarts of the young Mother of Dragons.

daenerys targaryen

I started this digital piece late last year using Easy PaintTool SAI, and somehow I managed to lose the .sai file, now I cannot continue the work anymore. I am very sorry, Khaleesi, please don’t say dracarys to Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, I don’t want to be a burnt meat. I will make another fanart


I tried the traditional approach with a watercolor practice in April this year. I used Prang watercolors on Berkeley A4 watercolor paper. I am not really good with anatomy, so please excuse the mistakes, but I am pretty much pleased with this Daenerys practice piece…and it happened to be of the same angle with the digital version!

Which one do you like most? Digital or traditional? I think it would be unfair if I pick one, I am of course biased towards the traditional piece because it is a finished piece unlike the digital one, so I shall keep my mouth shut before Dany gets my tongue cut off.


Dear Cersei Lannister, do get your butt ready to be kicked, you are totally barking at the wrong tree – or queen, for that matter. It is not Margaery Tyrell you should fear.

Gosh, I never knew three queens would be even more scandalous than five kings, but I can’t wait for the three dragons to come together! I am pretty sure you (and I mean those who have read or are reading the A Song of Ice and Fire books) have noticed that each one has started to form their own armies. Dany has her Unsullied and Stormcrows and probably the rest of the Free Cities once they see Drogon and Dany alive; Jon Snow has his Free Folk and the Night’s Watch; and Aegon is off to Dorne with his Golden Company. They are the reincarnation of Aegon I, Rhaenys, and Visenya, in opposite genders each.

As to who Daenerys would pick between Jon and Aegon…I cannot yet tell. Neither birth nor Targaryen blood has yet been proven in the books, although a lot of readers think that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, which would bring justice to the saga’s title A Song (story) of Ice (Stark) and Fire (Targaryen).

Other than this mummer’s business with the Targaryen bloodline, I still hold on to faith that Robb Stark will turn up alive in latter books – all the accounts about the Red Wedding circulating around Westeros are rumors and there is no proof that someone (not even Catelyn) saw Grey Wind’s severed head is sewn on Robb Stark’s body. Robb Stark is my favorite king, and I wish with all my fangirl heart that he is still alive (I am obviously still in mourning and denial. I am Brienne to Robb’s Renly).

Can someone please annihilate the Freys and the Boltons now??? Come on Jamie, you can do it. Please.


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Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.



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