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What’s In My Bag – Daily

Yay for me squeezing in the little spaces left in the bandwagon of mainstreams, memes, and hipsterness…hipsterity…hippies. I know you won’t read this through the end but, what the heck. What’s in my bag on a daily basis?

1 2012 Navi Planner covered in stickers from Victory church to MV Logos Hope to whatnots. I love this planner! My roommate have matching Navis, and we spent a number of weeks and expeditions in different branches of Fullybooked and National Bookstore to find the perfect planner. The Navi Planner was no cheapo, but it was a worthy investment compared to Starbucks‘ overpriced planner. I love the smooth, creamy pages, simple page designs, and the semi-empty right pages where you can write anything you want (semi-empty because it does have a grid).

2 Victoria’s Secret Forever Pink perfume that’s in a very blue bottle, haha. It was a pasalubong from my auntie. Less than 6 months in and it’s already half-empty. If there’s one vain thing I can’t live without, it’s fragrance.

3 Headband. Might be one of my studded headbands on some days.

4 A cute printed tin I got from Landmark Trinoma for my earphones.

5 Kikay kit! It’s so floral and girleeehhh I know. Contents: Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry, Bench Fix Clay Doh, Nyx Round Lipstick in Mars, Nyx Lip Cream in Stockholm, Maybelline BB Cream (which I hardly use), Cookie Mirror, a neon green hairclip, Green Cross Isopropyl Alcohol 40% solution (in a 70% solution bottle), lots of Mefenamic Acid tablets.

6 Kimbel white pouch for my gadgets and KJ (my USB).

7 Passport holder which I use as a card and ticket holder.

8 Mini sketchbook. I bought it from Expressions, it’s cheaper there than in Fullybooked.

9 Kira Senna, my iPod touch 2nd gen. I still love her! Senna, because the first movie I watched using this iPod was Bleach: Memories of Nobody which has a character named Senna.

10 Maxx, my Blackberry 9220. My Dadi gave him as a birthday gift. =)

11 Zack Gin, my Samsung Chat. He was a replacement for Yuki, a phone of the same model which my Dadi bought as a birthday gift for me last year, but was snatched out of my bag along with my wallet a month later. The memory saddens my heart.

12 Totoro pouch for Maxx.

13 Money purse and keys. I have lately lost the will of using my wallet so every bill and coin is cramped in this purse.

What about you? What’s in YOUR bag?


About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


One thought on “What’s In My Bag – Daily

  1. Heya! Thanks for posting a link to my version of “What’s In Your Bag?” 🙂

    I love your Totoro pouch! So cute! ^_^

    More power to you! 🙂

    Posted by msjfreckles | 07/23/2012, 15:49

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