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They Haunt Me Like They’re Real

Here are some other characters that, like Asmaria, in the past two years, appeared in my head without a cause and demanded that they be sketched in my doodlebook.

This is CREA. I committed to draw Hanazono Hikari and Takishima Kei from Special A; I successfully created a fanart of Hikari, but for some reason I never got to drawing Kei, therefore I renamed this girl Crea. She still looks a bit like Hikari, and I also, at times, consider this a Hanazono Hikari fanart.

These are ANNA and KEN. I first drew them on my friend’s teeny weeny sketchpad (it was literally a mini sketchpad), was proud of myself, and decided to recreate them once more in my own doodle book. Ken’s a soccer star and every girl wants him, but he likes Anna a lot and he goes stupid when she’s around. Anna, on the other hand, is an outgoing girl who doesn’t want to have a boyfriend because it will only keep her from enjoying her parties and shopping and friends, plus she thinks Ken is overrated and arrogant and she doesn’t like him. I don’t know what happened to their story since I last drew them, but I bet they managed to keep their relationship civil.

Apparently I had an Anna & Ken and then an ANNA & REN. Anna is the babysitter, she’s boyish, she wears sneakers all the time (never a pair of heels her entire life, not even a kitten heel), and she hates stuffed animals, specifically bunnies. Ren is the “baby” in this picture; She’s a frail kid that is always afraid of even the most mediocre things like loud footsteps…and she lugs her stuffed bunny everywhere.

And here’s NINA, who doesn’t really have a backstory. I just happened to want to draw a thin girl with short hair.

Last but not the least is SABINE, a snob socialite who claims she’s more fabulous and fierce than Paris Hilton. Sabine is the envy of many in her school and she knows it. She said she has no time for boys because they are opportunists that will only go after her money. She changes her hairstyle every week and she never wears the same outfit from head to toe twice in her lifetime. I dare say she’s quite self-absorbed.


This doodlebook, by the way, was supposed to only last a year; Each page was written with a “Day 1” or “Day 50” and so on up to Day 365. I bought this doodlebook September 2010, and almost two years later (and lots of new doodlebooks later) I’ve never gotten past Day 100 yet, what a pity.


Do you have a character in mind that you want to see sketched? Just click on that GIF image at the sidebar that says “commissions now open”. Still thinking of the price, so just comment below.


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Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.



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