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Moister than Chocolate Chip

I gave you my love that’s moister than chocolate chip-Honey Funny Bunny, U-Know Yunho of TVXQ!***

Have I already told you about my new goal of collecting Iwako miniature dessert erasers? Or miniature desserts, actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s an Iwako eraser or a Miniature Paris or a Re-ment. Why? They are just fascinating, and I plan to fill my future design office with lots and lots of these miniature desserts. It’s very reflective of who I am, I loooove sweets and desserts a lot sometimes it scares me that I never gave a second thought to diabetes. To hell with it, I love me some cakes.

I launched a blog just for this project in Tumblr, The Mini Sweets Project, a way of sharing my growing collection to the world. Should you know any other brands or stores (in the Philippines) where miniature desserts can be found, or should you be a miniature dessert or miniature food artisan do tell me so I can make a feature.

Don’t forget to check out The Mini Sweets Project. I know it looks silly to still collect miniature food at this age of mine but, hey if Anne Curtis can get away with singing then I have the freedom to collect such awesome crafts.

***because I’m having a Dong Bang Shin Ki re-appreciation period. I grew tired and pissed of their lawsuit crap so I went on a mini-boycott thingy of their songs on my iPod. I’m quite missing them lately though after reading a few DBSK [PG] fanfics. I looked for English translations of Doushite Kimi Wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou (Why Did I Fall In Love With You – ironically I loved a song by Backstreet Boys of the same title), Bolero, and Kim Jaejoong‘s Insa for a start. A few hours ago I re-watched dance videos of JYJ‘s Mission (which for me is actually a very catchy, upbeat song despite the grudgy meaning) and DBSK’s Wrong Number and Mirotic (Jaejoong’s open torso was very distracting, haha, but then again he always does that).

Should you be a Cassie reading right now, or a curious person who wants to give DBSK a try, here are my top 5 songs (when TVXQ/DBSK still consisted of 5 members) in no particular order:

  1. Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou
  2. Love in the Ice
  3. Bolero
  4. Hey Girl
  5. Rising Sun

JYJ faves:

  1. In Heaven
  2. Mission
  3. Empty
  4. I Love You (Yoochun feat. Flowsik)
  5. Chajatta

TVXQ/HoMin faves:

  1. Our Game
  2. Honey Funny Bunny (Yunho)
  3. Maximum
  4. Duet
  5. Before You Go ——this actually reminds me of Hey Girl

Curious as to why I fangirl over Kim Jaejoong (DBSK/JYJ)? Listen to Forgotten Season and Insa (Greeting); he also wrote the lyrics of Mirotic and Wasurenaide.

If you listen to DBSK, which of their songs are your favorite? I know it’s a hard choice to make but I’m sure there are a couple of songs that you listen to more than the others. =)



About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


2 thoughts on “Moister than Chocolate Chip

  1. I’m such a fangirl for Jaejoong as well ^.^ If I had to name my top DBSK songs I think I’d go with Doushite, Mirotic, Love in The Ice, Crazy Love, and You’re My Melody. Oh and Wasurenaide ^.^

    Posted by Brittany | 05/28/2012, 06:01
    • Oh yes Mirotic is one fine song, one of my favorites when it comes to their danceable tunes.

      Not to bash HoMin fans but I hope HoMin won’t perform any more DB5K songs, I think it’s time for the two to move on and make a “name” for themselves, they already got Maximum as a springboard. It just breaks my heart everytime Yunho and Changmin sings a DB5K song. T^T BACK TO FIVE PLEASE!

      Posted by klacenklai | 05/28/2012, 14:47

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