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First Re-ments!

Ever since I worked as a freelance blogger for an online baby care store, I got fascinated with toy food, especially desserts and sweets. While searching on Tumblr, I saw a link to Mariel Clayton’s [morbid but cool] Barbie photos, and immediately got interested in the little tinkers and knick-knacks in her shots. More searching commenced and I discovered Re-ment, a Japanese manufacturer of miniature toys. They have miniature doll house accessories specifically for Barbie and Blythe dolls, and other ball-jointed dolls. Re-ment also have themed sets based on Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, and Winnie the Pooh, among others I haven’t yet seen.

Re-ment sets are a little pricey for a mere student like me, but collectors’ items are never dirt cheap. Good thing I chanced on a sale during my trip to Toy Kingdom that I got my first two Re-ment miniature sweets. These are actually charms, but I took off their chic pink chain like what I did to my miniature noodles and prawns. The Re-ment cake and macaron which I got are awesomely detailed and wonderful! I can’t help but wish they were cheaper though. I can only wish for a Megahouse set on my birthday on June 18. I would love to collect Re-ments and get atleast one Blythe or ball-jointed doll.


About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


3 thoughts on “First Re-ments!

  1. Those are so cute! I love minis ^_^

    Posted by lmwills1 | 05/16/2012, 00:16


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