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The Bunny Girl [GIF]

From the Easter Girl to Bunny Girl…see the changes from sketch to the blinking eyes. Continue reading


They Haunt Me Like They’re Real

Here are some characters that appeared in my head without a cause and demanded that they be sketched in my doodlebook. Continue reading

Asmaria ver. 2

Asmaria, yet again…… Continue reading


She popped into my mind with tall-stalked tulips and dragonflies and a ribbon in her hair. Is she the first? Continue reading

Moister than Chocolate Chip

I gave you my love that’s moister than chocolate chip…featuring a donut, a macaron, a cake, and a couple of DB5K rants and lists. Continue reading

Dancing by Elisa

Elisa’s heartfelt singing and heavenly vocals made and makes Dancing a timeless song. Watch the video… Continue reading

Summer Shots

Some summer shots and a dream place found… Continue reading

Home Peach Home

This is the story of a little fairy named Peach who has stories for wings. Did she ever find the Storyteller? Continue reading

The Battle of the Food Erasers

It’s the Iwako originals versus the Iwako imitations in this battle of details, color, and quality. Which team is worthy of being in a collection? Continue reading

First Re-ments!

A summer sale and a lot of feeling around the plastic wrapper finally got me a cake and a macaron! See the details… Continue reading

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