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Clotheshanger + Getting Old on a Rocking Chair

I made this illustration out of whim, thinking of summer and blue skies and peaceful, quiet times in a country house reading a very good book while waiting for clothes to dry.

I always thought of getting old on a rocking chair, after living a full and fruitful life, watching my own English garden bloom, while reading books from my own library of Newbery and National Book Award winners…but I bet this wouldn’t be possible in the years to come. It’s either the much-anticipated apocalypse (and I don’t get how some people love giving dates on the earth’s supposed doomsday, don’t they want to live longer? Jesus said He’ll come like a thief in the night!) will get here before I even grow white hairs on my head, or technology would have replaced rocking chairs with a super chair that does and dons just about anything from cooking to hanging clothes to carrying a portable library. Heck, maybe the future iPhone 3000 can do it all!

I do love convenience, and my gadgets are doing me good. I confess to replacing my diary with my blogs, and I know deep down inside one reason is because: putting ones thoughts on the web guarantees more readers than the conventional diary which would probably end up getting burned in the long haul if not discovered by nosy grandchildren who are doing spring cleaning in the pantry where their parents hid the subject diary – which we all know happens only in movies. Sure, I would love that kind of scene, but nah, I just can’t keep up with a written diary anymore.

Anyway, afraid as I am with the onslaught of super gadgets doing just about anything, I am also a consumer of such things. I would love to see a real-life Gundam or Autobot Transformer! But I would never let that dream of getting old on a rocking chair on my terrace in my own countryhouse die down easily. Life without all the humdrum of busy schedules and money matters and fast technology is a luxury I will definitely want and long for.

tools: Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop


About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


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