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The Adventurous Feet

Last weekend I went to Palawan for a brief vacation tour with my relatives. We went island hopping at El Nido and visited the Underground River at Puerto Princesa (among other activities). Every scenery was breathtaking! There’s this one morning when I got up at 5AM and went to the shore and BOOM! It’s a real life painting in front of me! The sea was calm and it was low tide, so I was able to go to some boats and wade far from shore. It was the most romantic morning I ever had! Don’t get me wrong, I was all alone, but it was the best date and gift I got from my Father, God. =) Too bad I didn’t have a camera to capture everything in its glory, all I had was my celfone.

I may not have a camera, but I still wanted to document the trip. So the genius in me took lots and lots of snapshots of my feet. I do not have the most lady-like feet at all, but I wanted to remember the places I’ve set foot on. Of course I also took pictures of the vistas around, but for now it’s all about my feet.

On the beach before going in the Underground River.

The branches of the coastal tree, I think it’s a Beach Naupaka if not a Coccoloba, were low and almost in the water. I wanted to go further where the water gets deeper but we had to board the boat already. Would you look at that! Clear waters, and it was really crystal green!

On the trail after the Underground River route. I was waiting for a Monitor Lizard to jump in front of me.

On the beach again before boarding the boat that will take us back to town.

The most romantic morning I ever had, only this photo was taken at about 6AM already. This starfish was creeping towards my feet, teehee. We had a great time talking.

The hearts! That morning I told God “if You love me please show me a ‘heart’.” So I started looking for heart-shaped clouds or shadows or stones – to no avail. I gave up and went back to have breakfast, but when I ran down the steps again to take a picture of a seagull these two hearts surprised me. They were etched at the foot of the stone steps! Awww.

While eating breakfast.

On the boat before I went down to take a dip in the beach on one of the 5 islands we hopped.

The sea is crystal clear in Palawan. Come visit and you’ll know I’m not lying!


About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


3 thoughts on “The Adventurous Feet

  1. hello! may wordpress ka rin pala! can i be your friend? LOL!

    Posted by thisawesomelife0918 | 03/26/2012, 21:58
  2. Hi Klacenklai! Thanks for the pingback! Looks like your time in El Nido was lovely.

    Posted by Donna Amis Davis | 03/27/2012, 09:00

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