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Doodle Page #2 + French Toast, My Way

a page from my doodlebook featuring Milkweed and French ToastsThis is another page in my doodlebook – exactly the second and third pages, but for the coming doodlebook pages it will not be in order. Yes, I have a bunch of doodles to post, waiting in my hardrive. If you want to see all of it now you can go to my Tumblr page.

Milkweed (novel)


These pages feature chibi me, again. My favorite subject in doodling is, of course, myself. You can also see a thumbnail sketch of Jerry Spinelli‘s Milkweed at the lower left corner – that’s because I was reading that book at the time. Can I just say I’m proud to own a hardbound Milkweed! It was given to me by my friend as a superbelated birthday gift. I love Jerry Spinelli!

Who is Jerry Spinelli? Jerry Spinelli is an American writer who lives in Pennsylvania. He has written 26 books for young adults and children. He is best known for his Newbery Medal winners Maniac Magee and Stargirl.

Back to the doodlepage: See that stack of bread slices at the middle? Those are French toasts. I apparently made a bunch for myself that day. I love French toasts! They are delicious and easy to make. This is how I make my French toasts (in an unculinary, ordinary student way):

  1. Heat a pan with a little bit of cooking oil. Let the cooking oil spread so the toasts will not stick. If you’re using a Teflon pan, no need to add oil, but you can if you want to.
  2. Crack eggs in a bowl – number of eggs depends on how many toasts you’ll make. For me it’s 1 egg to 3 slices of loaf bread. You can reduce that to 1:2 if you really want to taste the egg. Whip well.
  3. Prepare a milk mixture by making a small glass of powdered milk and water (and a little sugar), or dilute condensed milk in a glass of water to taste. Tip: make it a little sweeter as the eggs and the bread will neutralize the taste. Pour the milk mixture into the bowl with the eggs and mix thoroughly.
  4. Dip a slice into the eggs and milk mixture. Dip it well. You want to get the eggs and milk into the slice of bread, that’s what makes a French toast delicious.
  5. Slap the dipped bread on the pan and wait til it’s a little dry and more firm. The color must look a little like the color of scrambled eggs. Tip: do steps 4 and 5 per batch so the eggs and milk mixture won’t seep out.
  6. Dust cinnamon powder or confectioner’s sugar on the toasts for added taste. You can even add whip cream and side it with fruits.

You can find more recipes for French Toast online. My mom’s French Toasts are still the best.


About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


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