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Adolie Twins: Using CMYK and RGB

adolie twins cmyk and rgbI made this illustration after hours and hours of ogling over French illustrator Adolie Day’s gallery. I absolutely love her style! So I named this work Adolie Twins. These girls were not meant to be twins, there was supposed to be only one girl, but after saving the psd file in jpeg, I realized I had set it in CMYK. So I saved another one in RGB, put them together, and voila! The twins were born!

I know they are far from looking like Adolie Day’s girls, but man did I love doing this! It was a whole new bunch of techniques! Her works have this effervescent feel, with soft edges, light colors, and trasluscent vectors. I wish I could see her illustrating, it’s truly a magical process. She is one of my inspirations.


As you can see CMYK has different color values from RGB. If you are not familiar with these acronyms, they actually reveal the key colors that each mode use. CMYK uses cyan, magenta, and yellow; while RGB uses the more familiar and traditional red, green, and blue.

A comparison of RGB and CMYK color models. Thi...

Image via Wikipedia

Works set in CMYK appear either brighter or more understated on screen because our computer screens are set to display in RGB mode. So if you don’t intend on printing your work, save it in RGB, it will appear on screens the way you rendered it, but would look dull and dark on print. If you are on your way to the printing press then use CMYK mode. RGB colors are used while you are still working, so you get to internalize the color paletteyou want. Save it in jpeg and you’ll see the mode change to CMYK. Not to worry though! Your masterpiece will appear in its pristine and intended colors once printed, all thanks to CMYK. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, printer inks are in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key or black) – now using CMYK makes sense right? Go check out your printer and try making test prints to see the differences in person.

All the textures and patterns are from deviantArt.com. The illustration was created using Adobe Illustrator CS5 + Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Which of the girls do you prefer? CMYK or RGB?

adolie girl in cmykadolie girl in rgb


About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


6 thoughts on “Adolie Twins: Using CMYK and RGB

  1. simply amazing. i do experience those twins as well 🙂

    Posted by bleedaemillius | 10/26/2011, 21:36
  2. I wish I was that knowledgeable about these things, I try then go crosseyed :)) The are both beautiful but I guess I like the one on the left as I look at the screen. Not sure why, maybe a more muted look. I am going to check out my printer. If I scan something into Google’s Picsa the colour comes out wrong so I guess that has something to do with CMYK and RGB.

    Posted by randomrose | 10/28/2011, 19:43


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