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I am a doodlebook addict, I can’t resist buying a great doodlebook when I see one. Currently I have 5 doodlebooks, and I am only halfway through my very first one.

What is a doodlebook? It can be a ruled or a plain notebook or sketchbook where you can draw doodles and write pieces of your thoughts. I love plain or unruled, acid-free notebooks; and I also make sure that the thickness of each page is just right so as not to have tears on heavily-edited drawings, and for the ink to not seep through the back of the page.

Why keep a doodlebook? For me it is a stress-reliever, and it’s a more fun version of a diary. Writing little trivias and thoughts about my everyday life keeps me going and keeps the bad thoughts away. I just love the freedom of putting in random trivialities about my day and drawing without worrying about proportion, shading, etc. It’s just a doodle!

Some people, including my College Landscape Architecture professor, say doodling and sketching improves creativity and expands the imagination. Not only that, every drawing opportunity will allow one to hone his drawing skills.

my doodlebooks

The doodlebook I am filling up is a brown hardbound square with little Chinese characters and doodles on each page. You can see it in the upper right corner of the images above. It’s a 365 Days doodle journal, but I am still filling in the 100th page when it turned a year last September 4.

I will be posting some of the doodles from my doodlebooks in the following weeks, and as a doodler I do recommend keeping a doodlebook with you, artist or not.


About klacenklai

Klarizza Jose is a landscape architect by day, dreamer and digital artist by night, and is in an on-again off-again relationship with coffee.


5 thoughts on “Doodlebooks

  1. Hi Klacenklai, Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Not only is it nice for me but nicer still is that I get to visit other blogs that I may never find by roaming.

    I love your illustrations and of course I cannot agree with you more about ‘doodling’. They certainly do a lot for our soul and being. I will be looking forward to seeing what is inside some of those delicious looking doodle books.
    Happy creating.

    Posted by randomrose | 10/27/2011, 16:35
    • Hi Rosemary! Thank you for the compliments! And can I just say your Art Journaling looks so much fun! I have lots of scrap paper, I never thought of using them in another way other than throwing them out to trash! =D

      Posted by klacenklai | 10/28/2011, 01:22


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