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In love with polaroids? If the white frame and vignetted edges and unexpected colors make your heart stop, check this program out! Advertisements

Easter Girl + Burn Tool

It’s Little Red Riding Hood meets the Easter Bunny meets Alice in Wonderland. An old Easter-themed illustration plus tips on using the Burn Tool for adding depth. Continue reading

Doodle Page #2 + French Toast, My Way

Another page from my doodlebook, and it comes with my culinarily incorrect and amateur way of preparing French Toast. Continue reading

Book Review: The Canning Season

Bogs, bears, and blueberries. Shy teenager Ratchet Clark is in for a wacky summer when she was unexpectedly sent backpacking to Maine. I put in my coin about Polly Horvath’s The Canning Season. Continue reading

Let’s Color Nature + Nicolas Gouny

This colorful illustration was inspired by French illustrator Nicolas Gouny. He inspired me to try my hand in illustration. See some of his works and share in the awesomeness of his art. Continue reading

Amazing Miniature Photography

Scale model or human scale? These photographs make true-to-life scenes look like handmade scale models.


I just finished a whirlwind cycle of my parking design plate and needed to wind down. I got some scrap papers, my Unipins, and a pair of scissors, then I let my mind run free and created my own paperdolls. Who are they? Continue reading

Pandora meets The Darksiders

Pandora meets Alice in Wonderland meets The Darksiders. It’s Greek mythology mixed with the Apocalypse with a hint of Lewis Carroll. Whatever came to my mind? Continue reading

Crowley Sketch

Obviously, I loved Crowley a lot. His friendship with Aziraphale was unique and funny. They were supposed to be counterparts of each other, the good and the evil; But…

Adolie Twins: Using CMYK and RGB

A work inspired by French illustrator Adolie Day. Working with this style was a whole new experience- and it’s not even close to Adolie Day’s! How and when to use CMYK and RGB? Continue reading

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